Green space and Environment

Our masterplan has been designed with healthy living and sustainability at its core. Our designs include comprehensive new green spaces and close attention to how the proposed development can sit within the existing landscape.

East Kidderminster does not currently have a great range of facilities or direct links to the wider countryside meaning that Woven Oaks could be a real boost to existing residents as well as new ones.

A green corridor will run along the west of the site, providing public green space for new and existing residents to use, as well as supporting biodiversity with natural wetlands and meadows. Another green corridor on the east of the site helps to achieve a strong balance between built form and the natural landscape to the east.

A new community orchard or allotments are also proposed to the north of the site.

New green infrastructure will encourage healthy living and sustainable forms of transport with a new network of footpaths, trim trails and cycle paths.

As well as providing much needed publicly-accessible green space for everyone in east Kidderminster, the network of open spaces will create new habitats for wildlife and plantlife, supporting biodiversity and making the most of the site’s distinctive natural features. This includes bird and bat boxes and ‘hedgehog highways’ which would ensure hedgehogs can pass freely through gardens.

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Biodiversity Enhancements Plan. Click image to enlarge Pinch to zoom

Our designs include comprehensive new landscaping and close attention to how the proposed development can sit within the existing landscape. Existing vegetation on site, notably the trees and hedgerows that mark existing field boundaries, will be retained within the scheme as far as possible. New planting forms an important part of the overall landscape strategy.

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Parameter Plan. Pinch to zoom

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The environmental work being undertaken assists in identifying the constraints and opportunities of the site, which in turn enables development parameters to be established. These development parameters define the key elements of the proposals and will be adhered to as the scheme progresses through the subsequent detailed planning applications.

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