Site and Indicative Layout

Our indicative masterplan shows how we intend to make effective use of the site, balancing land for new homes and community facilities with substantial areas of green and public space, wildlife areas, walking and cycling routes, and infrastructure to serve the site.

The masterplan is informed by detailed site assessments and technical work – those surveys help us to identify the best way to use each part of the site. They include, for example, ecological and environmental surveys, a drainage assessment, and mapping of the existing services that run across the site.

This image (below) shows the indicative masterplan.

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Indicative masterplan. Pinch to zoom

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You can use the key to identify what is proposed to go where, from the new homes, green spaces and community hub through to the new spine road and access points that will stitch the site into the town.

This masterplan is also the main image you can use for giving us specific comments and feedback (see more on the ‘Have your say’ page).

Detailed planning application

Detailed permission is being sought for the first phase of the development proposal. The initial layout provides for around 400 homes on the southern part of the site, wrapping around new facilities contained within the proposed community hub. This first phase of the development will be accessed from Comberton Road and will contain a range of homes of different types, sizes and tenures. 25% of the homes within this phase are proposed to be affordable.

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Detailed proposal plan. Click image to enlarge Pinch to zoom

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Viewpoint Locations and Public Rights of Way. Click image to enlarge Pinch to zoom

Key documents and downloads

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